8 Festive Ways to Get Your Guest Room Holiday-Ready

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The holiday hustle has arrived — and your houseguests aren’t far behind. Each year, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, there are countless reasons to gather with family and friends. If you’ve ever spent four hours in the car driving to your holiday destination, chances are good that once you got there, all you really craved was escaping to the guest room to refresh and unwind. 

The goal for a home’s guest room should be just that: to serve as a haven after a long day of travel; a place where guests can feel comfortable and find a quiet escape — especially at the holidays when homes are filled to the brim with family, and privacy and calm comes at a premium. 

When it comes to the holidays, we believe it’s the littlest details that make experiences memorable — and we’re big fans of the “surprise and delight” mantra. So if you’re looking for fun and festive ways to welcome your houseguests, here are a few of our favorite guest room ideas to make the season merry and bright for you, and for the company you keep.

1. Headboard Draped with Garland

Rattan headboard with garland

One of the guest room ideas we love most is placing a simple strand of garland over the headboard — it’s such a fun and unexpected surprise when your guests see their home-away-from-home for the first time. We love this Angel Pine faux strand or this Spruce strand for a more budget-friendly option. Simple evergreen strands draped over an upholstered or rattan headboard for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

2. Cranberry Duvet Cover

Colorblock duvet set in cranberry and white

There may be no greater hue that instantly evokes the flavors of the winter season than cranberry. We love this classic colorblock duvet set as a guest room idea; a crisp classic white look with just a hint of holiday.

3. Evergreen Sheets

After a weary day of travel or a raucous night of revelry, we love the idea of our houseguests pulling back the duvet to find a subtly festive surprise waiting for them in the shape of organic sheets in a festive print. For the winter months, we love a little added warmth from a cozy set of flannel sheets (we’re New Englanders, after all).

4. Cozy Cashmere Throw

Green cashmere throw blanket

Keeping an extra blanket or two on hand in your guest room — especially in the winter months — is a great idea for ensuring your houseguests are comfortable. We love this soft cashmere throw for cozying up to with a good book. Bonus, it comes in lots of colors, too. 

5. Lumbar Pillow Cover

Red lumbar pillow cover

When creating a luxury hotel look for your guest room bed, it’s all about loading on the layers. Top off your look with a collection of throw pillows in lovely patterns, or a single lumbar pillow that echoes the spirit of the season

6. Pine Scented Candle

Nest scented candle

Ever notice how the smell of a family recipe cooking in the kitchen instantly takes you back to Thanksgiving at grandma’s house? That’s because there’s actual science behind our sense of smell and its ability to help us recall memories — and nostalgia is what the holidays are all about. We love the addition of a votive candle in a fresh evergreen scent placed on the nightstand for a festive way to greet your guests, a crisp, clean scent we reach for season after season. 

7. Bisque LED Ceramic Tree

Bisque LED ceramic trees

The traditional ceramic Christmas tree you may recall from your parents’ or grandparents’ homes at the holidays has received a stylish update. We fell in love with the simple winter spirit of this tabletop pair. We love the idea of creating a warm, cozy glow for your guests to fall asleep to each night of their holiday stay.

8. Plush Towel Set

Towel set

There’s nothing better than retreating to the guest room after a day’s travel to find a fresh, plush set of towels waiting for you. We love this luxuriously soft set in a crisp white (or spruce green for a festive feel).

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