7 Home Brands the Acampora Interiors Team Loves

One of the great joys of working in interior design is sourcing truly special pieces for our clients. Every family has a unique sense of style, and it’s our job to find fabric, tiles, furniture, lighting, and decor that suits it.

This means we are continuously expanding our horizons and discovering new brands and makers to bring each home to life. We wanted to share some favorites we’ve discovered over our years in the business.

Whether your style is coastal or classic, minimalist or maximalist, there is a brand on this list with beautiful, timeless items for the home you’ll love.

Upholstery, Wall Coverings & Drapes

Walls coverings and fabrics take up large swaths of visual space in a room. Finding a design and color palette that expresses your personal style is vital. These brands offer a range of fabrics and wallpaper that can add depth and dimension to any home.

1. Thibaut

Thibaut’s collection of wallcoverings and fabrics is among our team’s favorites. The brand offers an incredible range of options at reasonable prices. Its textured wall covering collection is par excellence, with grasscloth weaves in every color under the sun.

Its fabulous wallpaper patterns run the gamut from sophisticated to whimsical. Searching for a lush floral print to make an outsized impact in your small powder room? Hoping to find a playful butterfly design for your child’s bedroom? You can find both at Thibaut.

2. Stroheim

Stroheim’s fabrics and wallcoverings feel incredibly luxurious. The brand embraces a soothing color palette in its collection, with styles that feel like modern adaptations of classic designs. If you’ve adopted the Grandmillennial aesthetic at home, Stroheim is a brand you’ll want to explore.

Pick up a textured wallpaper in a calming blue-gray for the dining room in your beach home, or select a burgundy damask velvet to upholster your library reading chair.

Furniture, Rugs & Decor

Once you’ve selected the window and wall coverings for your space, it’s time to move on to furniture and decor. These brands offer access to handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. 

3. Landry & Arcari 

Landry & Arcari is known throughout New England for its fine collection of Oriental rugs and broadloom carpeting.

The selection is truly stunning and includes a wide range of antique and vintage Oriental rugs. If you’re looking for something modern, its broadloom collections come in everything from geometrics to plaids to animal prints.

4. Field + Supply

Located in the artistic enclave of Kingston, New York, Field + Supply is an annual market that gathers more than 275 vendors.

The businesses exhibiting at Field + Supply run the gamut, and you can find everything from furniture to home goods to artwork to kitchen supplies. Plus, the market has live music and food and drink that makes for a truly festive occasion.

5. Roman and Williams Guild

Interior designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch founded Roman and Williams Guild to gather pieces created by master craftspeople using ancient, time-tested techniques. Their focus on sustainability and durability means that their collection is built to be repaired, reused, and passed down for generations.

In addition to curating items from like-minded artisans from around the world, Standefer and Alesch design and craft many of the furniture and lighting pieces themselves.

Outdoor Living

Our outdoor spaces gained special significance during the pandemic era. When homeowners realized that modern technology allows us to recreate all of the creature comforts of indoor living outside—cooking spaces, luxurious seating, and even climate control—we collectively haven’t looked back.

If you wish to elevate your outdoor living space, these brands can assist.

6. Big Ass Fans

During the warmer months, having an outdoor living space can feel like the ultimate luxury. But as the temperature climbs past balmy and toward oppressive, you need a solution to keep your friends and family comfortable outside.

We love Big Ass Fans for staying cool. As its name implies, the business has a range of large fans that you can install overhead on your porch, veranda, or pool house.

7. Kingsley Bate

Elegant, sturdy outdoor furniture in luxurious colors and styles can be difficult to find. Kingsley Bate makes timeless designs with clean lines and high-performance materials that are suited to outdoor living.

Pieces from Kingsley Bate in the three season porch at our Wellesley New Traditional project.

Kingsley Bate’s pieces allow you to create an outdoor dining or living room that feels just as refined and welcoming as its indoor counterpart.

There is no greater delight than finding the perfect piece to complete a family’s space. We hope that as you explore the brands on this list, you’ll get to experience the joy of happening upon the item you didn’t know your home was missing.