A Sneak Peek at Our Brand New Office Space!

We have some big news to share! Drumroll, please…

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re opening a brand new creative studio! In 2020, after more than doubling the size of our design team, we have officially outgrown our Wellesley Hills office space. Thus, a search for the perfect home for our new headquarters began. This new space will become a veritable beehive of activity, allowing our design team more room to spread out and collaborate on ideas for our projects to produce the best possible design to suit our clients’ needs.

Don’t worry, we still plan to keep our office space in Wellesley Hills (our first home and a space that’s close to our hearts), but we’ll be spending our time between both locations. Here’s what you can expect out of our new creative studio — and we can’t wait to welcome you!

This spacious loft area will be the future home of our library, along with fresh storage space below.
This outdoor setting will be the future home of our courtyard, a patio space for gathering and greenery.

Meet Saxonville Mills

Our new office space will be located at Saxonville Mills, a historic property based in Framingham, Massachusetts, which was originally established in the 19th century as a woolen mill. Later, in the 20th century, it became home to the Roxbury Carpet Company. Today, it houses more than 70 small businesses — and we are proud to join the roster of creatives that will call this special site “home”.

How the Space Reflects Our Values

Design Board for Acampora Interiors' Saxonville Mills office
Visual inspiration for the Acampora Interiors office at Saxonville Mills. Source: Pinterest.

The inspiration for this space is driven by our company’s four core values: warmth, transparency, creativity and collaboration. Our creative studio will visually reinforce the values we hold most dear:

1. Warmth

We foster an approachable, friendly atmosphere, whether we are in the office or on-site. We know that every member of every team serves a vital role in the process of bringing our client’s design dreams to life.

We chose our new location because of its emphasis on natural light. This is designed to create a cheerful, gregarious atmosphere where colleagues and clients alike feel welcome and at-home.

2. Transparency

Honesty and openness, above all, are what guide our operations. No smoke, no mirrors.

To create meeting rooms and opportunities for greater collaboration, our new office design will rely on large-scale glass doors and windows. The concept is designed to create spaces that invite conversation.

3. Creativity

In projects of all sizes, we know one thing is certain: issues are bound to arise. We are a nimble team that thrives in finding creative solutions to problem-solving. No finger-pointing, just inventive thinking.

Saxonville Mills, a stalwart industrial space of the Greater Boston area, has served as home to countless creatives since it was built in the 1800s. We strongly believe in immersing ourselves in an entrepreneurial environment that will continue to spark our creative spirit for years to come.

4. Collaboration

We believe that feedback is critical to producing the best possible product. We are a collaborative, open team where all ideas are valued and respected.

Our collaboration spaces are designed for those critically important, impromptu meetings with small groups of colleagues. This new space will eliminate prohibitive walls and barriers to create an open floor plan that will streamline processes and better serve the needs of our clients.

Additionally, the space will allow us to host events, gatherings, and more — something we have longed for since the start of the pandemic. We’ve had the honor and privilege of our clients welcoming us into their homes, and we can’t wait to welcome you to ours.

Draft floor plan for Acampora Interiors’ creative studio at Saxonville Mills.

Follow the Journey

This summer, our new space will see a total overhaul — adding glass walls, collaboration space, and a new kitchen build. We are so excited to share the journey. Follow the progress of the build with hashtag #AcamporaHQ on social media.