Winter Travel Essentials: 8 Items I Can’t Travel Without

Since Brian and I bought our Vermont house last year, we’ve been spending much of our time somewhere between Boston and the Green Mountain State — and even more so now with Vermont’s cozy winter charm in full bloom.

I’ve always had the travel bug (I spent my junior year of college studying in Hong Kong), so I’d like to consider myself an expert on how to pack my weekender bag. Travel essentials for me include comforting textures like cozy cashmere and warm shearling, as well as tools to stay organized when I’m not in my daily routine.

If you’re planning your winter getaway during school vacation week (inspiration for winter travel destinations here), read on for a few winter travel essentials that I just can’t be without.  

Winter travel essentials

1. Compact, Cozy Slippers 

Slippers are the one little luxury I can’t live without. I love this cozy pair because they’re warm and soft underfoot, but small enough to easily toss into a tote for the weekend.

2. Hanging Toiletry Caddy 

Having easy access to my daily essentials is key for me when I’m on the go. Having the ability to transport the contents of my bathroom vanity from home to Vermont is a dream. A hanging caddy makes it incredibly simple to toss on the back of the bathroom door and easily spot the items I’m looking for. I love this one for its simple, sleek design.

3. Sensible, Stylish Boots

I’m a New Englander, so for running weekend errands in Vermont, I need an all-weather boot that’s sensible, but uncompromising in style. This sleek, simple boot is perfect for keeping the elements out while keeping the style in.

4. Classic Weekender Bag or Rolling Luggage

I try to travel light whenever I can, and love the classic quilted designs on these butter-soft totes. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for containing all the essentials for your daily routine, or packing for a few days away. If you’re a rolling luggage devotee, or simply need more space, this rolling luggage set is a beautiful, timeless design, can be easily wiped clean, and comes in a variety of colors. 

5. Cashmere Scarf Blanket

Cabin temperatures on planes, trains — and yes, automobiles — can fluctuate by a good 10-degree swing. One of my go-to winter travel essentials is an oversized cashmere scarf in my tote as an added layer — regardless of the season.

6. Portable Humidifier 

My skin is the first thing to suffer in the winter months, thanks to copious hand-washing and dry winter air. I try to remember to bring a portable humidifier with me when I’m traveling to keep the air in my bedroom as comfortable as possible, especially when traveling at higher altitudes. This one from Amazon is an easy option to tuck into your weekend bag.

7. Face Moisturizer (a Really Good One)

The same reason you need a humidifier when traveling in the winter is the same reason you need a good face moisturizer. I swear by this luscious face cream, or for a little extra love in the winter, this option will literally make you feel like you’re glowing — which is exactly what we all need when we’re deprived of Vitamin D in the winter.

8. Jewelry Case 

To keep my staple accessories organized (and tangle-free), I love a fabulous jewelry case, especially this one that offers a classic leather design (with personalization available).

Essential Things to Pack for Travelling

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