10 Women-Owned Businesses We Love

Since founding my own business in 2013, it’s been my mission to create a space where driven women in the industry can thrive; where they are given the trust and space to grow. In tandem, something that’s equally important to me as a woman in business is, in fact, supporting other women-owned businesses.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I asked my team to share their favorite women-owned businesses, and why they love them. From women’s apparel to executive coaching, my team‘s selections are just as varied as each of them. Here are the 10 entrepreneurial powerhouses that made our list, located both in our Boston backyard — and well beyond.

1. Dainty Scripts

Photo via DaintyScripts on Facebook.

Custom Hand-Lettering and Illustrations

Dainty Scripts is a rapidly growing small business here in the Boston area, offering custom hand-lettering and illustrations. Led by co-owners (and cousins) Maura and Kitty Healy, they offer custom charcuterie boards and other decorative art, which make perfect gifts for entertainers, newlyweds, and more.

Beyond their hand-crafted custom wares, I love this business because this dynamic duo is the embodiment of work ethic. As a graduate of MassArt, co-owner Maura Healy has been growing her business while also maintaining a full-time job as a teacher, completing grad school on the side, and planning a wedding. Talk about multi-tasking! Not only is DaintyScripts’ work beautiful, but it’s a business that cares about both its clients and its community. Follow DaintyScripts on Instagram and you’re sure to routinely spot a new fundraiser for a worthy cause. –Colleen Mulcahy, Interior Design Assistant

For more information, follow DaintyScripts on Instagram.

2. F.H. Perry Builder

Custom Residential Builder

I first met Allison Iantosca when she was a guest on the Grit By Design podcast, and it was clear right away that we were kindred spirits. Allison is the Owner and President of F.H. Perry Builder, a premier custom home builder in New England. Not only has she become a successful leader of the business that her father founded, but she has become a deeply respected leader in the design industry. I admire her approach to team building, setting people up for success, and the support she offers. (Listen to our conversation on the podcast.) 

Beyond Allison’s approach to management and team-building, F.H. Perry is a best-in-class builder whose craftsmanship and attention-to-detail takes a personal approach to home-building. Corinne Acampora, Founder & Principal Designer

For more information, visit fhperry.com.

3. Frank & Eileen

Ethically and Sustainably Sourced Women’s Apparel

Frank & Eileen is one of my favorite clothing brands, not just because they make clothes that make you feel good, but also because their work is driven by a larger vision focused on supporting women. Frank & Eileen was born in 2009 when former engineer Audrey McLoghlin wanted to reinvent the classic button-down shirt for women — a category previously focused solely on men. Inspired by Audrey’s Irish grandparents — the brand’s namesakes, Frank & Eileen — the company has grown slowly and intentionally.

Now a globally recognized fashion brand, Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned, women-led business that has retained 100% ownership while working with the same ethical, sustainable manufacturers for over a decade. As one of my favorite women-owned businesses, their mission is to model and support female entrepreneurship as a force for good. Corinne Acampora, Founder & Principal Designer

For more information, visit frankandeileen.com.

4. Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher
Photo via jennakutcher.com.

Online Marketing Expert, Author, Podcaster, Educator

In case you haven’t heard of a little name called Jenna Kutcher, she’s the dynamo behind the eponymous online marketing empire whose mission is to empower other women entrepreneurs to build the life they love. Jenna started her career as an event photographer, built her wildly successful business, and then moved into the online education space by wanting to teach others how to successfully scale their businesses, too. With a tagline of “Imperfectly Empowering Women,” I love the unabashedly enthusiastic approach Jenna brings to the table with her podcast, courses, and now — her new book. Corinne Acampora, Founder & Principal Designer

For more information, visit jennakutcher.com.

5. Julia Amory

Linens, Textiles and Homewares

I adore Julia Amory designs because they’re beautiful, but also founded on innovation. Julia formed the idea behind her textiles company while she was planning her wedding — and identified a gaping hole hole in the market for the types of fabrics and prints she needed. She has since made it her mission to continue to grow the block print market both here in the States and also within Jaipur, where her products are made. She has expanded her business, collaborating with many successful professionals in the industry to create beautiful prints that are beloved by consumers and designers alike. Tricia Fortin, Senior Interior Designer

For more information, visit juliaamory.com.

6. Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca cashmere sweaters

Hand-Embroidered, Sustainably Sourced Apparel

What I love about Lingua Franca — founded in 2016 by CEO Rachelle Hruska — is that it’s not only a line of fun, sustainably sourced cashmere sweaters (all hand-stitched locally by women in New York City) but it’s also a company driven by social consciousness. As described on company’s website, a portion of all proceeds “support the badass activists and organizations who are working for a better world,” which is a sentiment our team can enthusiastically get behind.

Featuring hand-embroidery in the loveliest script, their feather-soft sweaters make you feel like you’re wearing a piece of art. You can request custom orders, or opt for one of their existing designs featuring subversive, sassy, or soulful sentiments. Among my personal favorites for women’s styles are “Old School” and “When There Are Nine,” as well as kids’ styles like “Princess President” and “I Dissent” (with my sassy four-year-old daughter in mind).  Amanda Nolan, Director of Marketing 

For more information, visit linguafranca.com. 

7. Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins
Photo via melrobbins.com.

Host, Author, Motivational Speaker

Mel Robbins is one of my favorite women-owned businesses. Mel is an American lawyer, television host, author, and motivational speaker who has built a coaching empire by baring her soul and embracing her own vulnerability. As a media mogul, her series of courses, podcasts, coaching and books have inspired millions to change old habits and create a newer, healthier, happier lifestyle for themselves. It’s no secret that I love Mel’s work, and can personally vouch for the impact her content has made on my own personal and professional growth. –Corinne Acampora, Founder & Principal Designer

For more information, visit melrobbins.com.

8. Petit Peony

Petit Peony children's clothing

Children’s Apparel

Founder, Designer, and CEO Kate Bowen established children’s clothing company Petit Peony in 2014 after teaching herself to sew. She developed designs that aimed to “capture the magic of childhood” by pairing whimsical patterns, infusing joy and spirit into her creative output.

To grow her business, she leaned into he grit, first setting out by emailing photos of her designs to her favorite New England boutiques. Then, she packed up her family of five for a boutique roadshow, and eventually landed contracts for her garments to be sold at major retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Maisonette, and more. 

In its success, Petit Peony has established Global Giving, an philanthropic initiative designed to help support the professional growth and development of women around the world, and to help mothers and children in need by providing shelter, food and clothing. A self-taught entrepreneur with grit, determination, and a philanthropic spirit is one we can endlessly support. Becky Cooke, Director of Purchasing & Operations

9. Rebecca Hale Brockelman

Executive Coach

Recognizing early on the toll the pandemic was taking on its employees, my last company took a remarkably proactive approach, giving everyone the opportunity to work with an executive / leadership coach. It was during this time that I serendipitously met Rebecca Hale Brockelman. I can say with confidence that she is compassionate, intuitive and kind and exceptional at what she does.

By taking a holistic approach and asking critical questions, Rebecca helps her clients discover what is holding them back so they can make positive shifts in their professional and personal lives. She works as a consultant for The Hale Group, collaborates with leadership development firms such as Exceptional Leaders and Guts & Grace, and provides individual coaching sessions to clients in a variety of industries. She plans to launch her own eponymous company this spring. If you are looking for support during a transition or a challenging time, Rebecca is the one to turn to. –Elaine Roemer Murphy, Assistant to Corinne Acampora

For more information, connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn.

10. Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint Shoes
Photo via sarahflint.com.

Timeless Women’s Shoes

Last but certainly not least on our list of favorite women-owned businesses is Sarah Flint. Sarah Flint shoes are literally the most beautiful and comfortable shoes around! I love the brand’s mission because Sarah Flint wanted to create a company that designed shoes that felt luxurious enough to catch the eye of royals and celebrities alike, while remaining within reach for truly everyone. And, they’re flat-out comfortable. They are made of the highest quality and are crafted by artisans in Italy. Among our favorites are the Natalie (a classic, pointed-toe flat) and the Perfect Block Sandal 60 (a heeled sandal you can actually walk in).

Originally, they were only available in high-end department stores, but the brand has since changed its business model, now selling directly to customers on their website. Sarah did this so the price could be significantly reduced and she could make luxury more attainable, which is certainly a sentiment we support. –Tricia Fortin, Senior Interior Designer

For more information, visit sarahflint.com.