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Welcome to Grit by Design, the podcast where aesthetics and entrepreneurship collide. Hosted by Corinne Acampora, Founder of Acampora Interiors, this podcast uniquely blends business savvy with techniques to uncover your authentic self and write your own success story.

As a designer, it’s Corinne’s mission to help her clients create a style that feels authentic to them. She approaches each project by getting to the core of their personal aesthetic, lifestyle, and goals. This business podcast is designed to help listeners do just that: discover what feels authentic to you so you can build your own success.

In each episode, we’ll go one-on-one with leaders in business to learn about growing, scaling, and evolving in an ever-changing landscape. From these success stories, you’ll learn tactical steps and hear practical advice to grow your business, uncover what inspires you, and help you find your grit.

Recent Episodes

04. Brittany Nolan on Rapid Growth, Creating Efficiency & Company Culture

Rapid growth is something all businesses aspire to achieve, but navigating the challenges that come along with it aren’t always easy. Through four office moves in just seven years to accommodate expansion, Brittany Nolan, co-owner at Allstate Glass, remains undaunted. Having developed Allstate’s residential division from the ground up, she’s a woman who’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and put in the work.

In this episode, Corinne Acampora goes one-on-one with Brittany Nolan to discuss all things growth, company evolution, and the tactics and tools she used to expand her family’s 30-year-old business. This thoughtful conversation will uncover the innovative methods Brittany relied on for early business development, the importance of establishing a strong layer of middle management, and when to pivot from a focus on growth to a focus on efficiency and teamwork.

03. Jessica Delaney on Mid-Career Moves, PR for Beginners & Learning from Failure

On this week’s episode of Grit by Design, photographer Jessica Delaney joins Corinne Acampora for an engaging, candid conversation. Jessica discusses how she made a mid-career move away from the corporate world to become a successful interiors and architecture photographer. She shares key insights on navigating PR in the design industry, how social media has raised the bar for her business, and the enduring value of a face-to-face connection with clients. Jessica talks the challenge of parenting as an entrepreneur, why failure is an important lesson for adults and kids alike, and why you should re-evaluate your work situation when “the grit” becomes “the grind”. Tune in for this lively conversation with valuable insights you won’t want to miss.

02. Alicia Lund on Turning Passion into Profit, Authenticity, and Being Gutsy

Alicia Lund, founder of popular lifestyle blog Cheetah is the New Black, talks all about growing a successful business out of her passion project. She discusses finding balance between work life and home life during a pandemic, the need for authenticity and the power of saying “no”, and how being gutsy landed her a job as a fashion editor at ELLE magazine.

01. Hadley Powell on Starting a Business, Philanthropy & Networkin‪g‬

Art Advisor Hadley Powell discusses the foundation of starting a business, and leaves no stone unturned — from trusting your “Spidey Sense” and overcoming challenges to how becoming a parent has changed the game. Hadley talks the importance of trust in client relationships and the art of “matchmaking” in her role as an advisor. She offers insight into the world of philanthropy and the organizations she’s most passionate about, and how professional networking has evolved in the age of Covid. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with one of the art world’s brightest minds.

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Introducing Grit by Design, a Design & Business Podcast for Gritty Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Corinne Acampora, Founder and Principal Designer at Acampora Interiors, this podcast uniquely blends business savvy with techniques to uncover your authentic self and write your own success story.